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I went to visit my friend in Denver from Boulder, Colorado. He dropped me off at the bus station around midnight. I left my wallet and my phone in his…
~ Jazmin A

I had planned my dream photographic trip to Vietnam & Cambodia, only to have it dissolve in front of my eyes day 3 into a month long trip when I a…
~ Rafiqua I

Back when I was 18, I embarked on my first work abroad experience in the US. Everything was thoroughly planned. Visa in hand, bags packed, meeting wit…
~ Henar G

While on holiday in Istanbul I had suddenly fallen really ill. We were at an ancient hookah bar that we had to try, because this place was 200 years o…
~ Aditi B

I was Woofing on Cochrane Family Farm in Nova Scotia, and there was a lovely French couple who were there at the same time as me. They stayed in their…
~ Andrea C.

I was in Kuala Lumpur and had got lost walking around suburbia when a thunderstorm decided to hit. I took shelter in a taxi rank and thought I would g…
~ Deasha W

On a scooter trip in northwestern Thailand, we ran into big trouble. We were 13 kilometers from Ban Rak Thai when my scooter died in the mountains jus…
~ Andrea W.

Ecuador was a massive surprise for my partner and I. Besides the Galapagos Islands, we didn’t know anything about the country. It turned out to be our…
~ Christina