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When strangers catch sight of three Australian cattle dogs wearing goggles on hiking trails, they usually laugh and try to take a photo. Sometimes the…
~ Jen Reeder

Most amazing father son moment: video: baby tell his father ‘I love you’…
~ Anonymous

Amazing must watch video:…
~ Good News Today

When Terri Herrington's husband Bryan died 16 years ago, he saved the lives of four other people through organ donation. She befriended Jeffrey Grange…
~ Gabriel Kinder

Cynthia Kudji deferred her dream of becoming a physician when she gave birth to her daughter, Jasmine. But in some ways, the delay couldn\'t have work…
~ Eleanor Cummins

It may have been “just another day at the office” for a New York City firefighter who rescued a 4-year-old girl from a burning apartment building, but…
~ Anonymous

An anonymous donor has saved a Florida restaurant that might otherwise have closed for good, due to the coronavirus lockdown. Not only has his generos…
~ Michael Goonan

It was getting darker and darker by the minute yesterday when a neighbor started a Facebook Live video to try to get help for a stranded kitten. After…
~ Jayson Maloney