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Teaching activities will not resume on the island next Monday, April 20. For now, the televised classes will be maintained and it is guaranteed that t…
~ OnCuba Staff

YouTube Video…
~ Unknown

Seedy Kanyi, the General Manager of GTSC said they have rolled out some buses to respond to the transportation challenges faced by commuters in towns.…
~ Yankuba J

Pink is Shaun Vrana’s favorite color. So imagine Vrana’s surprise after opening her front door and finding a basket full of pink items on her front po…
~ Jean K

Hey everyone! I’m Tushar, 17 year old and I live in Romania and recently started with the first year of University. Ever since I was just a small chil…
~ Tushar

Last winter, a photo of a New York City police officer giving shoes to a homeless man went viral. This generous act might sound familiar to a WT adven…
~ Gianluca C

I am currently visiting Greece (after almost 22 years since my first one-day visit) and I am really overwhelmed with the kindness of the people my hus…
~ Petroskry F

In the French heartland, a kindness for strangers Le Chambon seeks little attention for the heroic efforts to save Jews during World War II. A visit t…
~ Barry S