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One uplifting act of neighborhood solidarity happened this past weekend at the Brownstones at Decatur, a cove of 80 townhouses on Scott Boulevard. Tha…
~ Josh G

It may not be an act of heroism, but it’s certainly making people smile: The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago is letting some of its rockhopper penguins roam…
~ Kira M

Amid a lockdown, Italians across the country took to their balconies to sing together last week, closing the distance between them with music. Communa…
~ Kira N

In times of economic uncertainty, let alone when you're being asked to stay at home and often can't work, it can be those who rent that are most at ri…
~ George V

Pro footballer and hotel owner, Gary Neville, hit headlines today with the news that he is closing both of his hotels. In place of guests, Neville wil…
~ George V

An inevitable side effect of self-isolating is loneliness. Aiming to combat it is freelance copywriter Becky Wass who devised a postcard scheme that a…
~ George V

The owner of D Jones Butchers in Earlsheaton, Dewsbury, Dave Jones, not only has the most entertaining Twitter feed we've come across lately, but also…
~ George D.

NY Times journalist, Lauren Katzenberg, showed the love for our animal friends who are also feeling the effects of Coronavirus by fostering a homeless…