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While on holiday in Istanbul I had suddenly fallen really ill. We were at an ancient hookah bar that we had to try, because this place was 200 years old. While we were there, my stomach got really upset, I wanted to throw up. Suddenly I became pale and started shivering, that was my cue to go back to our hotel.
But the problem was, there were no cabs and I wasn’t in a state to walk at that moment. We saw a small boutique hotel nearby and asked if they could help us with a taxi. But obviously a hotel would charge us extra to get to our destination. Meanwhile, while I was struggling to walk and hunt for cabs, this man came by and asked us where we wanted to go.
I told him we needed to get to Taksim, where our hotel was, and by surprise he was a taxi driver. His cab was parked a walk away, so he had me wait while he grabbed his cab so I didn’t have to walk. He didn’t try to charge us extra or take advantage of our situation. He took us back safely to our hotel by the regular taxi meter. Not only did he save me from an extremely uncomfortable night, he even suggested some teas I could drink that could make me feel better.
This act of kindness from a sweet old man made me feel like this world isn’t such a bad place after all.