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I had planned my dream photographic trip to Vietnam & Cambodia, only to have it dissolve in front of my eyes day 3 into a month long trip when I accidentally turned so hard that my brand new wide angle lens fell into a pond of water next to a temple I was photographing. To make it worse, a mere few hours later, I dropped my camera and lens as I was getting off a motorbike, breaking the lens at the attachment ring.
I was oh so grateful to have met an awesome Vietnamese motorbike driver earlier on that day who had given me his number if I ever needed a ride somewhere. I called him in a panic because I was stuck with what to do, and he willingly drove 30km + outside of his city to meet me and help me get my lens fixed the very next day! I can’t even begin to wonder what I would have done without his help! He literally saved the day (and my dream trip) and I can’t even think about how much money I potentially saved if I were to buy a replacement camera