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Hey everyone! I’m Tushar, 17 year old and I live in Romania and recently started with the first year of University.
Ever since I was just a small child, my parents taught me to be kind to everyone, no matter how the other person treats you or thinks about you. Moving to a country like Romania from India was actually a huge cultural shock for me and was very hard to make friends. About a few months ago, I went to a summer camp as a Teacher/ supervisor for kids aged 8-17 and taught them english through fun and interactive activities and there I found my best friend, a fellow teacher from England became a good friend of mine in just a week and helped me get through a lot of feelings i fet at that time. And as he left, he left me in tears as he left me the book Wonder as a token of our friendship and reminded me of my purpose that I’ve been following for a very long time. Just like in the book, I would say, “whenever you’re given a choice between being right and being kind, always choose kind”. Thank you so much Luke, for being so kind to me all the time and thank you Kindness for helping me share this stories with the world! Keep spreading love and kindness✨