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My wife and I came back to the US from India on Mar 21 on the last flight from Calcutta as India closed all in&out traffic due to the corona virus situation. I had informed our neighbor and a friend about our flights just as fyi.

We reached our home in Sugar Land, TX, near midnight of that day; however no sooner had we set foot in our house than we found our neighbor Pankaj at our front door with a tiffin full of hot food. Considering that we had cleaned out our fridge before leaving, the food was godsend. Next day, our friend Ravi dropped by early morning with fresh vegetables, eggs and milk to get us going for the next few days. The following day another dear friend Rajnish dropped of a container of fresh cooked fish at our door step at 7 am in the morning. To add to all of this, our children had already sent care packages to our neighbor to make sure we had the supplies and didn’t have to run out to the supermarkets right away.

As we settle back into our lives we can’t help remembering these acts of extreme kindness and generosity which will be hard to pay back or forward, but may we all be blessed with similar acts of kindness.