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After realizing I’d lost my wallet on a night out with friends in Seoul, Korea, I was devastated. I called every establishment that we’d ventured to that evening, but to no avail.
I came home one evening to a note on my apartment door from the post office informing me they’d attempted to deliver the wallet during my work hours. Since I wasn’t around, the note specified that the wallet was waiting for me at a police station near my apartment.
I couldn’t believe it, so I asked one of my Korean friends to call and confirm the information. Sure enough, it was true! Apparently, someone had turned it in, and the post office was able to track me down because my address was listed on the back of my Alien Registration Card. I picked my wallet up the next day and was pleased to discover everything was just as I left it.
If it hadn’t been for the inherent kindness of Korean culture, I don’t think this would have happened. Koreans have an insanely unique respect for other people’s belongings, and for that I am forever grateful.