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Danielle Weaver created The Neighborhood Challenge because she was looking for a way to collect and deliver canned goods for the Lebanon Food Pantry that wouldn’t violate social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“People are kind of frustrated,” said Weaver, who began the challenge the week of March 16. “They don’t know how to help but they want to help, and they’re doing the right thing from home.”

Weaver’s idea? She asks homeowners to leave canned goods and other nonperishable items outside their garages. Then Weaver, along with a group of volunteers, picks them up and donates them to food pantries.

So far, Weaver has done this initiative in five different neighborhoods. Now she wants to put you up to the challenge.

“To take out the frustration, it was my idea for people to donate, and I would drive around and pick up the things,” Weaver said. “Then we decided to challenge a couple of other neighborhoods to do it because we had a really good turnout in ours.”

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