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I was on my first trip to Europe on a bus tour through Munich when I became very ill and had to be taken to a hospital. While I was waiting in the hallway of the hospital on a gurney a male nurse approached me.
He introduced himself as Detmar, knowing I was a foreigner and an Australian, he asked if there was anything, he could do for me. It turns out Detmar was looking to pay a favor back to an Australian.
Detmar was in Australia 2 years earlier with his wife and she got ill one night. After unsuccessfully looking for a hospital, a local man closed his pizza shop and assisted in taking Detmar’s wife to the emergency room which was 45 minutes away.
I ended up being in the hospital for 10 days in Munich. During that time, Detmar visited me every day looking after me, his wife bought me books to read, and on my discharge Detmar drove me to the airport to catch my plane. Since then, I have returned to Munich three times and stayed with Detmar every time.
This random act of kindness has given me a life long friendship.

Source: Unknown