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We see a lot of stuff in the news about things that divide us, but we don’t give nearly enough love to the things that bring us together.

We forget that we share a common humanity and that the world would be a much better place if we’re all just nice to each other – even if that just means saying hello to the person you pass without greeting every day.

And being kind doesn’t mean you need to make a song and dance about it.

Let’s introduce you to Bryoni Dawson.

When her mother passed away she decided to donate her mother’s walker to an elderly woman who often collects money at the Woodbridge Island interchange in Milnerton.

What she didn’t know was that inspirational speaker Nicky Abdinor’s mother was in the car behind her. Abdinor posted the pictures to Facebook with the caption: “How heartwarming to see this lady get out of her car and donate a walking aid to her!
Dawson eventually discovered that her goodwill has been made public and she said: “All I’d like to ask of each and every one of you, is to take from this and find something, no matter how big or small and do something good for someone who needs it… That’s all I’d love to see… these are not “random acts of kindness” these are “intended acts of kindness”. Be kind to your Neighbour… Be a GREAT human being. Love Bryoni.”

This random act of kindness is what South Africa is all about