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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – A Buffalo man awaiting a heart transplant got a surprise from nurses.

Rich Danieu has been at Strong Hospital since January. Shortly after he arrived, his daughter Mara’s school held a father daughter dance.

“My daughter was a little upset that I couldn’t attend with her,” said Danieu.

Mara’s grandfather stepped in, but for the 5-year-old it wasn’t quite the same.

“You know they got all dressed up, they got to the dance. They were there for about 15-20 minutes, got a really nice picture taken. Then she kind of had a break down because she realized everybody was with their dads,” said Danieu.

That’s when the nurses at Strong stepped in. When they saw how sad Rich was to miss it, they surprised him with a daddy daughter dance.

“It definitely was a surprise. I really didn’t know what was up until I was approaching the doorway. I could kind of hear the music playing pretty loud and I could hear the kids giggling and stuff,” said Danieu.

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