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While walking along Macau, confused and trying to find the Guia Fortress, a local man kindly approached me to offer help. I explained where I was going and instead of just pointing me in the right direction he took me there. We had a pleasant conversation along the way but once we arrived he politely excused himself and carried on with his day.
After I had finished exploring the fortress I walked back down the hill to my next stop. Only to find myself again confused with which direction to go. As I was walking down the hill I bumped in to my new friend. Not only did he take me to my next stop, he ended up showing me around Macau for the rest of the day. It was his day off from work and he had no other plans.
Later he said I had to try a local delicacy. Perfect I thought, this will be my chance to pay him back for his kindness. But he did not want anything from me. I later found out that the reason for his kindness was because when he used to come over to England for work he was treated so well by the locals he loved having the opportunity to repay that kindness to another English person, me.
I will never forget the kindness I received from him!