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On a different day, there was another man in a metro car with blue eyes and a baseball cap on his head and he gave me a very kind smile, and I didn’t know it. I was in a bad mood that day for some reason and I chose to give him a glare in return. And I turned my head away, and, later, when I turned back around, the man had his head down and I could tell that he wanted to cry. He just kept his head down and I felt how sad he was. I knew that he thought that he didn’t do anything wrong, he just wanted to give a foreigner a friendly smile and he was glared at for doing it, and he couldn’t help but feel very, very sad. This has happened a few months ago and I still remember this exact scene and I will never forget. I actually wish him well and hope that he finds someone who would love him very much. Even when this scene happened for only a couple of minutes, the feeling that I felt from him has stuck. I feel sorry to have hurt him to this day.