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Today was so special! Adam, at age 6, was able to donate $1,050 to Sulphur Springs Elementary School! He worked so hard to write and illustrate five books and we spent a month selling as many as we could. Before Adam had started his fundraiser I had been taking to him about the Civil Rights Movement, the protests happening now, and how far we still have to go to have true equality. That night he cried about the terrible things Black people have to go through and how it’s not fair that they don’t have the same privledges as we do even though we did nothing to deserve ours. He was devastated that schools in low-income areas don’t receive as much funding as his primarily white school. He was in tears saying, “I’m just a little kid. I can’t change the world.”
The next morning, my sweet boy had the idea to create and sell books and donate all of the proceeds to a school in Tampa that didn’t get enough funding. We did some research and found Sulphur Springs Elementary where 99% of students are from low income families and the racial demographic is 67% black, 23% hispanic, 6% white and 4% mixed races.
We honestly thought we would raise around $50 and then we started selling more books and receiving more donations until we realized we could make a goal of $500. That goal amount was what we told the school. This morning, just a few days after his 7th birthday, we met with the Principal and surprised him by donating $1,050! I’ll never forget Adam’s huge smile when he said, “I can’t believe it! I didn’t think I could change the world but I can!” Half of the money will go directly to teachers to help with their out of pocket costs, and the other half will go in a fund to pay for children to go on fieldtrips that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to.
Adam and I both want to thank everyone for their support! People were so generous and kind even though we are in the middle of a pandemic and a very turmultuous time in our country. Thank you to everyone who supported this fundraiser, helped a wonderful school, and allowed Adam to see how no matter your age, you can help change the world a little at a time. Here are the links to his books if anyone wants to see his work. Thank you again!!! ❤❤❤